TV Series

Titli Kids has all the needed infrastructure, talent and experience to create dazzling Toons, Movies, TV Series. Our 3D Animation experts employ their skills to create a work of extraordinary art; every step is handled with great attention to details by our team of artists. For more details and sample of our work please contact us soon. We will be honored to attend to your queries

Titli Kids is ideal to serve the needs of TV production houses, Movie production groups as well as investors to create their own captivating animated series. We are ready to partner with them and take their ideas to amazing creative heights. We have end to end production line. We are also open for outsourced work for only one department operating on small scale.

Sometimes it is just impossible to find the perfect series to watch. So, to help you in finding the most binge-worthy shows. To keep you current, our list is regularly updated with the must-watch TV shows and hidden gems.

Titli Kids also offers concept-to-creation services in the area of Explainer Videos that are extensively used as Sales Pitch Collateral Material, Training/Teaching Aids, Product/Service Demos, and for a wide range of other applications. Our capabilities in the domain of animated films enable us to produce highly engaging and contemporary Explaining Videos for a variety of sectors.

This core competence as an animated video production company enables Titli Kids to partner with clients for producing animation films that help brands to connect with its customers on social media. Animation films are extremely popular on Facebook, WhatsApp, Twitter, YouTube and other such social media channels. Being lightweight (in terms of file size) they can also be sent out via email.

Titli Kids can also partner with clients in the area of creating animated ad films for online applications – for instance, the 6, 15 and 22-second spots that are used extensively on YouTube. Animation films work very well in this space, given the profile and the mindset of the typical YouTube audience. And it doesn’t necessarily have to be cartoon-style content. We can work with your actual product photographs to create high-recall animation films that are customized for Web applications.